Mud, cobbles and hills: pics from our girls in Drenthe

12 March 2018
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Sean Robinson (Vélofocus agency) brings us a look towards the efforts of our girls in a terrain almost unknown for all of them: the hills, wind, rain and demanding routes of the Drentse 8 and the WorldTour Ronde van Drenthe, raced last weekend in the Netherlands.

A really decent performance saw the girls directed by Jorge Sanz proudly showing their Blue colours at the women’s team’s two competitions in the Netherlands this weekend: the Drentse 8, where Małgorzata Jasińska went on a late flyer, and the Ronde van Drenthe, with ‘Jasi’ again in a fine 18th place and Mavi García on the attack. We bring you the best shots taken by Sean Robinson (Velofocus) durin both races.

Image number 1

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

Mavi García and Lourdes Oyarbide at the start of the Drentse 8 van Westerveld.

Image number 2

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

Two former team-mates: Aude Biannic and Roxane Fournier (FDJ).

Image number 3

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

The short cobbled sections of the Drentse 8, with ‘Jasi’ and Aude near the front of the bunch.

Image number 4

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

García gets over the VAM-berg, a small hill made with organic scraps / compost.

Image number 5

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

Gloria Rodríguez in the day of her debut with the Movistar Team.

Image number 6

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

Jasinska even went on a late attack in the Drentse 8. Her gamble was close to becoming a major success: she was caught with just 500m to go.

Image number 7

Photo: Movistar Team

Between the two races, our girls took advantage from a day off to check the cobbled sections of the Ronde van Drenthe.

Image number 8

Photo: Movistar Team

This is how the cobblestones looked at the Ronde van Drenthe: here, mostly dry; a day later, covered in mud.

Image number 9

Photo: Movistar Team

Our six riders in the Netherlands: García, Oyarbide, Jasinska, Biannic, Teruel and Rodríguez.

Image number 10

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

Oyarbide and Jasinska at the start of the Ronde van Drenthe.

Image number 11

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

It would take not too long for the best teams in the world to get those jerseys muddy at the Ronde van Drenthe.

Image number 12

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

The opening cobblestone sections were covered normally; however, two passages through the late ‘keienstrook’ of Echtensedijk were cancelled due to safety reasons.

Image number 13

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

A geometric picture of Lourdes Oyarbide getting through the descent of the VAM-berg, again climbed at the Ronde van Drenthe.

Image number 14

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

Spaniard Alba Teruel, hard as nails, a classics rider.

Image number 15

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

Aude Biannic at the second round of the 2018 UCI Women’s WorldTour.

Image number 16

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

Mavi García went on a solo attack with 40km to go during the Ronde van Drenthe.

Image number 17

Photo: Vélofocus / Movistar Team

Oyarbide, as García, Teruel and Biannic, finished into the second main group in the Ronde van Drenthe, three minutes behind winner Amy Pieters (DLT). Jasinska was part of that first group, 18th at the finish.

Image number 18

Photo: Movistar Team

The faces of pure effort after nearly 160km under the rain and over the muddy roads of Drenthe.