Teruel close to ladies’ second 2018 victory at Caspe

15 April 2018
Imagen de la noticia ‛Teruel close to ladies’ second 2018 victory at Caspe’

Spanish Racing Series

Alba finishes 2nd to Ana Usabiaga (ETK) in Aragon as Movistar team-mates -Merino, Rodríguez & Oyarbide (9th)- offer plenty of action on round 2 of the ‘Copa de España Cofidis’.

Ana Usabiaga (ETK) took Sunday’s victory in the 2nd edition of the women’s Trofeo Ciudad de Caspe -second round of the 2018 Spanish Racing Series (103km)- ahead of 21-year-old Alba Teruel (2nd), leading a reduced, yet offensive Movistar Team in the Bajo Aragón region.

Lourdes Oyarbide, who fought to defend her Sprints competition lead after winning in Noja, left an early good impression from the squad today directed by Pablo Lastras. The Blues also tried to anticipate the inevitable bunch sprint with several moves from Eider Merino -who left the peloton alongside Yessica Pérez (BDM) into the Valcomuna climb, 20km from the end- and Gloria Rodríguez, who worked like her team-mates to keep things under control and then went on a late move with 4km remaining.

Teruel’s second place -with Oyarbide also in a fine 9th- marks the sixth podium finish of the 2018 season for the Movistar Team, which continues to shine in Spain wherever they race.

Picture 2 (c): Ainara Hernando