Teruel (4th), Oyarbide (6th) into winning break in Burgos opener

16 May 2019
Imagen de la noticia ‛Teruel (4th), Oyarbide (6th) into winning break in Burgos opener’

Vuelta a Burgos Féminas (st. 1)

Blue duo enter decisive move -led home by Karlijn Swinkels (ALE)- alongside Alicia González, finish ahead of main field before uphill finishes on Friday + Saturday.

Dutchwoman Karlijn Swinkels (ALE) had the better sprint at the end of stage one in the 5th Vuelta a Burgos Féminas (UCI 2.1), a 109km flat course in and around Villadiego where the Movistar Team had a good share of protagonism.

The squad managed by Jorge Sanz and Sebastián Unzué put three of the Blues inside the 17-rider breakaway that would end up contesting the day’s honours. Alicia González and Lourdes Oyarbide worked to help Alba Teruel, who was able -together with Oyarbide- to get through a selection into the front group at the Alto de Tobar (Cat-2), only 12 riders left after its slopes.

Oyarbide during the breakaway. (c) Lander López / Sprint Final

Despite the efforts from Eneicat and WCC to bring the group back, the break finished with a handful of seconds over the field as Teruel -best Spaniard of the stage- took 4th place, with Oyarbide in 6th. Both helped the Movistar Team take the lead of the team competition, which, as the individual one, should see major changes at Friday’s hilltop finish in Poza de la Sal (88km), prelude to Saturday’s mountains.

Cover picture (c): Elena Alcalde / RFEC

Male Team 16 - 19 May

Vuelta a Burgos ESP

(1st Stage) Villadiego (109.5 km)
  1. 01 Karlijn Swinkels Alé Cipollini 2h40'01"
  2. 02 Marissa Baks Biehler "
  3. 03 Silvia Magri BePink "
  4. 04 Alba Teruel Movistar Team "
  5. 06 Lourdes Oyarbide Movistar Team "
  6. 14 Roxane Fournier Movistar Team +12"
  7. 39 Eider Merino Movistar Team "
  8. 44 Mavi García Movistar Team "
  9. 49 Alicia González Movistar Team "