Movistar Team partners with INSCYD for improved performance testing

5 August 2020
Imagen de la noticia ‛Movistar Team partners with INSCYD for improved performance testing’

New technical provider

Renowned software tool aims to obtain highly-precise, holistic assessments of riders from parameters measured on the road and analysed remotely, with no need for additional lab tests.

Aiming to take a step forward when it comes to measure every single aspect of their performance in an easier, more exact way and improve their riders’ outcome on the road, the Movistar Team has signed a partnership agreement with INSCYD, the most advanced tool to analyze endurance performance in athletes. (INSCYD’s website)

INSCYD’s software has given coaches, sport scientists, national federations and sporting teams over many different disciplines the ability to own the performance testing process, creating a full metabolic performance profile of an athlete with simple field test protocols. The brand’s Power Performance Decoder (PPD) allows for tests all over the world, or even remotely, with an accuracy equal to, or even greater, than conventional lab tests, which helps INSCYD to reproduce race / training scenarios in a more precise, productive way. The list of parameters analyzed by INSCYD includes, amongst others: aerobic capacity, glycolytic capacity, anaerobic threshold, energy cost of locomotion, fuel contribution (Fat vs. Carbohydrate), lactate accumulation & recovery, aerobic vs. anaerobic energy contribution. 

Sebastian Weber, INSCYD:We are excited for our partnership with the Movistar Team. For a professional cycling team, the ability to perform highly accurate and holistic performance assessments on a regular basis is crucial. Visiting labs during the season isn’t a viable option, nor does it reflect real world performances. INSCYD gives the team the ability to do this, with simple field tests out in the real world, which mimic race and training environments.

“Our goal is to simplify the assessment process for the coaches and athletes while elevating the level of accuracy. Providing actionable data with a more holistic view of the athlete’s current situation while also painting a picture of where they need to be is crucial throughout their season. This roadmap provides detailed insights into the athlete’s strength and weakness and when the data is utilized correctly can ultimately pave the road to success.”

Patxi Vila, Head of Performance, Movistar Team: “As coaches who are often chasing races or training camps all over the world during a season, enjoying INSCYD’s approach for our work with performance testing is a massive improvement. Being able to take real-world data from the athlete’s conventional training and having INSCYD’s software turn it into measurements which paint a picture you’d often be able to obtain only through specific lab tests saves us time and effort, and refines the quality of our job. This is something our squad’s Performance team will benefit greatly from, which usually leads to success – what every team aims for in sports.”