Quintana’s eight Giro team-mates
02 May 2017

Giro d'Italia preview

Quintana praises the job of his eight domestiques before the Sardinia depart on Friday; Blues land on Italian soil today

As the Movistar Team reaches the island of Sardinia on Tuesday for the final preparations before the start of the 100th Giro d'Italia, the Movistar Team is publishing their profiles for all nine riders (linked below) in the race. The squad preview, with data on their approach to the first GT of the season, is also analysed on the video above by the Blues' leader Nairo Quintana, who comments on the group's strengths.

Andrey Amador: "He's a warrior, tough as nails. He's always leaving his best energy on the road, from start to finish. He doesn't depend on the terrain, the race conditions nor the weather to offer his 100% – he's always there."

Winner Anacona"A hard-working man, always devoted to help his team-mates out, taking care of them so they carry on well."

Daniele Bennati"Bennati is a clever veteran, an intelligent kind, a strong rider. We got on well with each other easy as he joined the team last winter. He's been a crucial factor at some of this season's victories we got."

Víctor de la Parte: "A 'currela' ('hard-working', in slang Spain Spanish). A spectacular person, always attentive so you don't miss anything you need. Everything a leader requires, you have it from him. Any need, he's there."

José Herrada: "He's got skills on the bike, he reads races really well. Plus, he's a strong rider when you need him at the front on a mountain stage. He really helps to create a selection in the finale."

Gorka Izagirre: "I always appreciate and admire from Gorka that he's a rider committed 100% on giving his full energy. He's a fighter, he tries to step up his game at all times."

José Joaquín Rojas"Rojas is really an all-rounder. We all saw at last year's Vuelta a España, how he left everything on the road. A fighter from start to finish."

Rory Sutherland: "Rory is also a man at service of everyone who needs it here, whenever he's required. You can keep breaks of any kind at reach with him and manages himself well over all terrains, always giving his best."