#MovistarTeam2019: A retrospective on our previous team launches

10 December 2018
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Telefónica-backed squad to reach its 40th consecutive season on December 18th with a large event in the company’s main headquarters in Madrid – we profit from the milestone to look back to some details on previous season kick-offs.

Telefónica’s generosity has made possible that all Movistar Team launches since 2011 have always been held at the company’s main headquarters in the Spanish capital. At the Auditorium, the M -firstly lime green and blue; a splendorous white on celeste later on- has enjoyed classic and avantgarde events alike, in line with the image and objectives always pursued by Telefónica with its team.

Except for the 2011 event, whose recording was not conserved, all launches have been stored on our YouTube channel, which helps to understand the squad’s progress, the ever growing number of invitees and the commitment by the brand to bolster the image of an increasingly successful Movistar Team. The words of the admired first team ‘patron’, Luis Abril, in 2012 was a prophecy: “There’s no limit if you keep looking up there.” From 2013 and all the way through the 2016, the Blue outfit reached some of its best heights in their four-decade history, conquering four consecutive titles as the world’s best team for the UCI.

Talking about team launches always brings to mind remarkable videos. “La Carretera” (‘The Road’), unveiled prior to the 2014 event, represents an emotional milestone for the Movistar Team, and an endless goal. Also “Música en la Carretera” (‘Music on the Road’), a tune played for the 2015 launch. And in 2016, an astonishing leap in quality: a spectacular ‘mapping’ and performance, covering the squad with a technological air and making the bike and riders become main actors of a short, TV-centric event -less than 40 minutes-. 2018 was even more impressive: the Canyon bike’s new design for last season was presented with augmented reality.

Personalities linked to Telefónica have enriched, brightened up the Auditorium in the last few years, such as Chema Alonso, in 2017, or Ferran Adrià, and his indescribable charisma, in 2015, not to forget about the up-and-coming talents from the Podium program. Also respected authorities have always supported the team, even more so after the creation (2018) of the women’s Movistar Team. How many surprises are awaiting us on December 18th? We’ll get to know them in the next few days.