There's no available live TV coverage for this event. Teledeporte sends out race highlights every year, the evening after every race, yet it was still TBC as of Saturday, January 20th.


The first three trophies (Thursday 25th through Saturday 27th) start at noon European time and finish from 3.35pm to 4.15pm local. The final race on Sunday 28th is a morning event: it starts at 10am and finishes around 2pm.

Social Media

Tweets will be posted at @ChallengeMca; there has been no announcement on which hashtag to use, though #ChallengeMallorca seems most likely. Over at @Movistar_Team we'll share tweets, pictures and videos on our riders' performances during the event, live and on-site.


The Abarca Sports organisation has no less than 13 'stage' wins -with the likes of Hunt, Rui Costa, locals Colom and Reynès or the late Isaac Gálvez-, as well as three GC victories, from the times when the organisers included a non-official ranking within those riding all trophies -García Marquina in 1994, Colom in 2004, Luis León Sánchez in 2007-. The most recent ones, claimed with the Movistar Team jersey, are José Joaquín Rojas's success in Deià (2011) and two Trofeo Serra de Tramuntana wins by Alejandro Valverde in 2013 and 2015.



Trofeo Campos - Ses Salines (177.7km)
25 January
  1. 01 John Degenkolb Trek-Segafredo 4h02'18"
  2. 02 Sondre Holst Enger Israel Cycling Academy m.t.
  3. 03 Jasper De Buyst Lotto Soudal m.t.
  4. 07 Daniele Bennati Movistar Team m.t.
  5. 21 José Joaquín Rojas Movistar Team m.t.
  6. 40 Alejandro Valverde Movistar Team +8"
  7. 62 Jorge Arcas Movistar Team m.t.
  8. 68 Imanol Erviti Movistar Team m.t.
  9. 70 Andrey Amador Movistar Team m.t.
  10. 75 Héctor Carretero Movistar Team m.t.
Trofeo Serra de Tramuntana (140.1km)
26 January
  1. 01 Tim Wellens Lotto Soudal 3h45'52"
  2. 02 Gianni Moscon Team Sky m.t.
  3. 03 Alejandro Valverde Movistar Team +24"
  4. 35 José Joaquín Rojas Movistar Team +10'53"
  5. 41 Andrey Amador Movistar Team m.t.
  6. 45 Jorge Arcas Movistar Team m.t.
  7. 47 Imanol Erviti Movistar Team m.t.
  8. —  Jaime Rosón Movistar Team DNF
  9. —  Héctor Carretero Movistar Team DNF
Trofeo Lloseta - Andratx (165.8km)
27 January
  1. 01 Toms Skujiņš Trek-Segafredo 4h19'14"
  2. 02 Gregor Mühlberger Bora-Hansgrohe +25"
  3. 03 Elmar Reinders Roompot-Nederlandse Loterij +31"
  4. 04 Alejandro Valverde Movistar Team +42"
  5. 21 Carlos Barbero Movistar Team +2'44"
  6. 27 Jorge Arcas Movistar Team +5'32"
  7. 28 Jaime Rosón Movistar Team m.t.
  8. 57 Imanol Erviti Movistar Team +17'03"
  9. 58 Héctor Carretero Movistar Team m.t.
Trofeo Palma (159.6km)
28 January
  1. 01 John Degenkolb Trek-Segafredo 3h47'29"
  2. 02 Erik Baška Bora-Hansgrohe m.t.
  3. 03 Coen Vermeltfoort Roompot-Nederlandse Loterij m.t.
  4. 05 Carlos Barbero Movistar Team m.t.
  5. 08 José Joaquín Rojas Movistar Team m.t.
  6. 22 Imanol Erviti Movistar Team m.t.
  7. 34 Jaime Rosón Movistar Team +4"
  8. 42 Rafa Valls Movistar Team +16"
  9. —  Héctor Carretero Movistar Team DNF
  10. —  Jorge Arcas Movistar Team DNF


The 27th edition of the Challenge Mallorca will contain a few less mountains than in previous editions, yet remains as attractive as ever and as good of a start to the European season as every month of January. The four-day event in the Mediterranean will also remain a balanced mix of routes reserved for sprinters and climbers.

The first trophy -the Trofeo Campos – Ses Salines, on Thursday 25th- and the final one -the Trofeo Playa de Palma – Palma, on Sunday 28th, with its final, local laps along the coast in Palma de Mallorca- will again be the race’s two chances for the fastest around.

Friday 26th will, in turn, bring the traditional Trofeo Serra de Tramuntana, a short (140km) course yet a very challenging one with six rated climbs or ‘Colls’: Sóller (Cat-2), Claret (Cat-2), Honor (Cat-2), Sa Batalla and Puig Major together (both Cat-2) and Bleda (Cat-3), the latter just 6km from the end.

The third race, Saturday 27th, will be an intriguing one. The Trofeo Lloseta – Andratx will cover only two categorized ascents -Femenies (Cat-2) and Claret (Cat-2)-, but will cross very lumpy roads on its second half -with the non-rated climbs of Els Farayons, Sa Gramola and Camp de Mar- and climb the slope of S’Arracó (1,200m at 6%) just 4km from the end.

* It’s important to note that, while the Challenge Mallorca is often talked about as a whole, it’s actually a series of four separate, one-day races (UCI 1.1), where seven different riders per team can take part in each day. The lineups will be published eon our Twitter account cada mañana.