Portrait ofAlfonso Galilea

Alfonso Galilea

Technical Director

Place: Alcañiz
Birth: 21/10/1968
Years in team: 33
Career path:

As Sports / Technical Director:
Movistar Team (2011-19)
Caisse d’Épargne (2006-10)
Illes Balears (2004-05)
iBanesto.com (2001-03)
Banesto amateur (1996-2000)
As Team Staff:
Banesto (1990-95)
Reynolds (1988-2000)


Alfonso Galilea

Galilea has covered all possible steps when it comes to being a part of the Movistar Team's staff: he was a fan and close follower of the team as a youngster; started working as a mechanic for the amateur outfit; later on carried them to success as sports director, once he finished his studies; and since 1998, he's been part of the professinoal team, as logistics director, DS and, from 2008, the squad's technical director. He also acts as President of the Spanish Association of Professional Cycling Teams -as well as Vice President of the AIGCP- since 2009, and has now made it to the 12-member Road Commission of the Union Cycliste Internationale.