Portrait ofSebastián Unzué

Sebastián Unzué

COO + Manager, Women's Team

Place: Pamplona, Navarra
Birth: 13/09/1991
Country: ESP
Years in team: 8
Career path:

Ibersol, You First Sports, Movistar Team


Sebastián Unzué

Following several years involved in duties of communications and public relations, as well as day-to-day effortts in various areas of the team, Sebastian Unzué was promoted in the 2019 season to the Movistar Team’s management board as the main person in charge of the women’s team, a role he now shares with another significant duty as Chief Operating Officer of Abarca Sports. Other than his experiences at the Telefónica-backed squad, Unzué has extensive formation in cycling as sports director, and was also certified by the UCI as a rider agent.

Before joining the Abarca Sports organisation, Eusebio’s oldest son completed postgraduate studies at the Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros and the IE Business School, an academic base in administration which he complemented with work experiences at the Ibersol hotels group and You First Sports, a worldwide enterprise specialised in sports representation. Corporate knowledge, language proficiency in Italian, French and English –he spent several years in Scotland and the United States in high school– and solid international, commercial and media relations round out a perfect profile to serve the team’s interests and support the rest of the team’s management.