Portrait ofGregor Mühlberger
Place: Haidershofen
Birth: 04/04/1994
Country: AUT
Height: 180 Cm
Weight: 64 Kg
Pro debut: 2013
Career path:

2016-2020: Bora – hansgrohe
2015: Felbermayr
2013-2014: Tirol Cycling Team


Gregor Mühlberger

A crucial asset

A REINFORCEMENT FOR THE TOUGHEST RACES. Aged 26, Austrian Gregor Mühlberger is currently at the peak of maturity in his professional career, with already four seasons of WorldTour experience on his shoulders. He’s a really talented rider for tough courses, both mountain stages and hilly roads, as well as one to rely on for one-day events. Supported by Patxi Vila, who knows him well and really appreciates his potential, he joins the Movistar Team after a successful 2020, conquering no less than the first post-pandemic stagerace -the Sibiu Tour (2.1), where he was the strongest uphill- and shining on the attack in Mallorca -2nd behind Soler in Andratx- against the riders who are now his team-mates.

FROM SNOW TO ASPHALT. Gregor took up riding bikes really early, at just five years of age, when his dad, Erwin, bought him his first mountain bike. It wasn’t the only sport he practised, as he combined cycling with ski until age 15, when a hard crash made him choose to go on wheels. He soon made his name into the Central European / U23 calendar with a couple Conti outfits from his home country -already coming close to the Austrian road race title, which he would go on to conquer in 2017-, and with just 21 years old, he took the leap towards the Bora squad, which was itself going up on their way to the WorldTour.

MOMENTS OF BRILLIANCE. As a member of Ralph Denk’s organisation, Gregor got to ride all major races in the UCI calendar. Six Grand Tour appearances -1 Giro, 2 Vueltas, 3 Tours-, with a remarkable performance in the 2019 ‘Grande Boucle’ -coming close twice to a stage win and becoming crucial for Emanuel Buchmann’s 4th place overall- and some good reputation at mountainous courses and hilly one-day races. He scored, other than Romania, two more victories with the German team: the 2017 Rund um Köln and, more importantly, a stage of the 2018 BinckBank Tour, beating some of the world’s best classics specialists with a late attack.



17 Victories as professional

1st Sibiu Tour 2020
1st (3rd stage) Sibiu Tour 2020
1st (1st stage) Sibiu Tour 2020
1st (6th stage) BinckBank Tour 2018
1st Austrian RR Championships 2017
1st Rund um Köln 2017
1st Oberösterreichrundfahrt 2015
1st (4th stage) Oberösterreichrundfahrt 2015
1st GP Judendorf-Strassengel 2015
1st Course de la Paix U23 2015
1st (2nd stage) Course de la Paix U23 2015
1st GP Izola 2015
1st (3rd stage) Oberösterreichrundfahrt 2014
1st Carpathia Couriers Tour 2014
1st (3rd stage) Carpathia Couriers Tour 2014
1st Trofeo Piva Banca Popolare di Vicenza 2014
1st (1st stage) Istrian Spring Trophy 2014


25 Days of Racing
3981.8 Km covered

6th Austrian RR Championships
11th (2nd stage) Route d'Occitanie
15th (3rd stage) Route d'Occitanie
16th Route d'Occitanie
21th (4th stage) Route d'Occitanie
23th (1st stage) Vuelta a Burgos
25th (1st stage) Route d'Occitanie
33th (3rd stage) Vuelta a Burgos
34th (7th stage) Paris-Nice
42th (1st stage) UAE Tour
51th (5th stage) UAE Tour
52th (7th stage) UAE Tour
56th (6th stage) UAE Tour
62th UAE Tour
63th Paris-Nice
69th (8th stage) Paris-Nice
70th Olympic Games
70th (2nd stage) Vuelta a Burgos
72th (2nd stage) UAE Tour
88th (6th stage) Paris-Nice
93th (4th stage) UAE Tour
108th (3rd stage) Paris-Nice
110th (2nd stage) Paris-Nice
113th (3rd stage) UAE Tour
123th (5th stage) Paris-Nice
123th (4th stage) Vuelta a Burgos
125th (4th stage) Paris-Nice
137th (1st stage) Paris-Nice