Arabay Coffee Roasters Since 1952 is formed by a team of coffee lovers based in a little town in the interior of the Majorca island, Lloret de Vistalegre. They are the third generation of coffee roasters in the island: the first project, born in 1952, was Cafés Bahía; later on, in the 1980s, came Cafés Bay; and currently, since 2016, the efforts operates under the name of Arabay Coffee Roasters Since 1952.

They are of the pioneer brands devoted to specialty coffee roasting in Spain, with big efforts on research, selection and acquisition of what they believe are the best green coffees of the Arabic botanic species, a quality they later roast, consume and sell at their own coffee shop in Mallorca or online.

Arabay supports the Movistar Team as official coffee provider since the 2019 season.