Sheyla Gutiérrez crashes out of La Classique Morbihan
15 October 2021

Incident in France

Spaniard down into final sprint in Brittany, will stay in hospital overnight to monitor her condition.

A tough incident at the end of La Classique Morbihan (UCI 1.1), the first of two races the women’s Movistar Team is competing at in Brittany, France this weekend, forced Sheyla Gutiérrez to abandon.

The Spaniard, who was contesting the sprint finish in Grand-Champ -behind winner Sofia Bertizzolo (LIV)- inside the peloton going for the top places, went down and hit her head, suffering a wound to her face. Sheyla was transerred ambulance to a medical center nearby, shere will have to stay to undergo checkups and monitor her condition. She remains otherwise in good spirits after the incident.

Jelena Erić was active in the final kilometers. (c) Photo Gomez Sport

Gutiérrez will obviously not compete at Saturday’s GP Morbihan (UCI 1.1), the Blues now bringing a five-woman lineup with Patiño, Teruel, local Aude Biannic and Gloria Rodríguez + Jelena Erić, both on the attack into today’s final circuit.

Cover picture (c): Photo Gomez Sport

Male Team 15 Oct

La Classique Morbihan FRA

Josselin - Grand-Champ (115 Km)
  1. 01 Sofia Bertizzolo Liv Racing 3h01'21"
  2. 02 Valentine Fortin St Michel - Auber 93 +9"
  3. 03 Chiara Consonni Valcar "
  4. 44 Paula Patiño Movistar Team +2'35"
  5. 45 Alba Teruel Movistar Team +2'47"
  6. 46 Aude Biannic Movistar Team +3'09"
  7. 47 Gloria Rodríguez Movistar Team +3'10"
  8. 48 Jelena Erić Movistar Team "
  9. —  Sheyla Gutiérrez Movistar Team DNF
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