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Claire Steels

The long road towards the big leap

ACTIVE BY NATURE. She took up different sports from very young, from hockey -which she practised until well after university- through cross country running. She entered high-level competition in 2015 with duathlon, in which, surprisingly, and less than a year after, she would become age group ITU World Champion in Adelaide (Australia). As the rules of duathlon -she also participated in triathlon events- allowed drafting, she needed to learn how to manage herself into a peloton, and so she started to use competitive cycling as a tool to excel in that respect. And it was this sport which led her to the elite.

BROKE EVERY CEILING. She entered the pro peloton in 2020 with the Sopela Women’s Team in Spain, led by Francisco Pla. At the Basque squad -where she shared ranks with her current team-mate, Sara Martín-, she shone in the main events of the local circuit, the Torneo Euskaldun, and gathered experience at WWT events. Top-ten in the mountainous Tour de l’Ardèche in 2022, Pla himself encouraged her to find a place in the sport’s highest echelon. She would join Israel Premier Tech Roland for 2023, opening her pro victory account at the reVolta and going on to finish 3rd in Durango, 9th in the Trofeo Binda, 15th in La Vuelta and 18th in the Tour de France. There was no doubt she had to race for a big squad. The Movistar Team is giving her three years -through 2026- to show what she’s made of.

SELF-MADE. Steels reaches the top tier of cycling after more than a decade managing her own business, Steels Fitness, where she offers all kinds of support for pros and enthusiasts -most of them focused in cycling- at Muro, in the island of Mallorca, where she lives for most of the year. Bachelor in Psychology / Sports Science from the University of Hull, she now uses all of her personal experience at the sport where, well into her thirties, she’s found a real passion and a place to grow.

Bourne, Lincolnshire
167 Cm
55 Kg
Pro debut:
Career path:

2023: Israel Premier Tech Roland
2020-22: Sopela Women’s Team

reVolta 2023