1986 - Reynolds Maillot


Indurain continues with his progression as he notches the overall victory in the Tour de l’Avenir (this time, Tour de la CEE), the race that uses to appoint who will be the future’s Tour contenders. Frenchman Marc Gómez takes both first and last stages in the Vuelta a España, while Julián Gorospe wins the Tour de France stage to Saint-Étienne after an heroic solo ride of 150 kilometers.




Arnaud, Dominique (FR)
Arroyo, Ángel (ES)
Cabrera, Samuel (CO)
Carrera, José Enrique (ES)
Fernández, Álvaro (ES)
Gómez, Marc (FR)
Gorospe, Julián (ES)
Gorospe, Rubén (ES)
Greciano, Anastasio (ES)
Guay, Stéphane (FR)
Hernández, Carlos (ES)
Indurain, Miguel (ES)
Laguía, José Luis (ES)
Navarro Fuster, Francisco (ES)
Prieto, Celestino (ES)
Hernández Úbeda, Jesús (ES)


Echávarri, José Miguel
Unzué, Eusebio

15 Wins

  1. 1st Tour de l'Avenir Miguel Indurain
  2. 1st Vuelta a La Rioja José Luis Laguía
  3. 1st Vuelta a Murcia Miguel Indurain
  4. 1st GP San Froilán Ángel Arroyo
  5. 1st La Vuelta (1. stage) Marc Gómez
  6. 1st La Vuelta (20. stage) Marc Gómez
  7. 1st Tour de France (19. stage) Julián Gorospe
  8. 1st Tour de l'Avenir (1. stage) Miguel Indurain
  9. 1st Tour de l'Avenir (10. stage) Miguel Indurain
  10. 1st Tour de l'Avenir (2. stage) José Enrique Carrera
  11. 1st Volta a Catalunya (5. stage) Dominique Arnaud
  12. 1st Vuelta a Andalucía - Ruta del Sol (1. stage) Stéphane Guay
  13. 1st Vuelta a Asturias (1. stage) Julián Gorospe
  14. 1st Vuelta a Murcia (1. stage) Miguel Indurain
  15. 1st Vuelta a Tres Cantos (1. stage) José Luis Laguía